Height: 55 cm / 20 inch
Volume: 45 litres
 Height: 68 cm / 24 inch
Volume: 75 litres
Height: 74 cm / 27 inch
Volume: 115 litres
Height: 85 cm / 32 inch
Volume: 130 litres

What to be aware off

Different vehicle sizes allow for different amounts off luggage. On average a passenger carries a medium sized bag and another carry-on bag. When booking your transfer please pay attention to the amount of luggage you expect to carry. The chauffeur will gladly help you with it. If the luggage won`t fit we will probably have to add another vehicle which translates into extra cost and possibly a delay.

Large pieces

When booking a transfer or charter put some thought into the size of the luggage you carry. Larger pieces of luggage like bicycles, skis, boards, golf clubs etc. won`t fit into a sedan. Please let us know on time that a larger vehicle is required. It will be provided to avoid any problems. If you do not advise in advance an additional vehicle will be arranged and charged extra. It will probably cause a delay.

Fragile luggage

If you are carrying fragile or breakable pieces please advise. They could get damaged during transportation. The chauffeur will be extra careful but if it is not properly wrapped and packed it could get damaged while loading or unloading. We do take good care of all the luggage but will accept no responsibility if anything gets damaged.